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Over 36 years of law practice with 33 years
of expertise in Bankruptcy

"Our mission is to take whatever time is required to listen to the client, analyze the problem, both legal and practical, educate the client sufficiently for the client to make realistic informed choices between available alternatives and help the client to achieve the alternative they choose."

We are a general practice Law Firm, which deals in matters including but not limited to the following areas of the Law:


Bankruptcy is one of the chief areas of the law in which I practice.. it was designed to offer debtors a chance to turn their lives around, hold their creditors at bay, and achieve a fresh start...


Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is a state statutory scheme to compensate you for the direct costs and effect of an injury incurred at your place of employment and within the scope of your duties there.


IRS Problem Resolution

  • How Does The IRS Expect You To Pay Off Your Taxes If They Keep Adding Penalties?
  • What Do They Expect You To do With Federal Tax Liens On Your Credit Report?

Elder Law

The broad subject heading of elder law, covers many areas that we think of when we consider the subject of aging. While it is not only the aged who have to be concerned with these matters...


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